Study on Humidity Inhomogeneity Measurement of a Climatic Chamber

Arfan Sindhu Tistomo


Study on a method for humidity inhomogeneity measurement based on temperature inhomogeneity has been done. The method combines AS 2853 and DKD 2009 guidelines. A manufacturer specification of a climatic chamber is used for the reference. A Monte Carlo simulation technique is used to generate random data having rectangular distribution. As a result, the introduced method is able to describe the climatic chamber specification. In addition, sensitivity coefficient of relative humidity to temperature varies from 0.02%RH/°C to 7%RH/°C for temperature of 10°C~100°C with relative humidity of 20%RH~98%RH. The worst humidity inhomogeneity for a climatic chamber can be found at lower limit temperature coupled with upper limit relative humidity.

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