Muhammad Haekal Habibie, Ghufron Zaid, Prawito Prawito


System providers artificial vibration is called vibration exciter, is a system used to provide vibration control that produces certain frequencies. Vibration exciter used for testing, measurement and calibration related to the scope of vibration. Vibration exciter on the market has a high price and requires sufficient technical knowledge. Therefore, the objective of the research is to design vibration exciter that is simple and low cost without compromising function. Research carried out by making the mechanical system of the vibration exciter whose main components consist of a vibration table, linear motion guide, connecting rod, pillars and base. In this research also design electronic systems as the actuator movement of the mechanical system that consists of a microcontroller, DC motors, and motor driver. Range of measuring frequency of the vibration exciter are expected to be realized is 0.1 Hz to 1 Hz. Measurement of frequency process is done using accelerometer sensor, signal conditioning and pulse analyzers to obtain vibration spectrum of the vibration exciter. From this research, the result about the range of the vibrating frequency values is between 43.575 milihertz to 425.99 milihertz. Another result from this research related to the value of the measurement uncertainty of vibration exciter is 2.1% to 4.0% of the nominal value of frequency


Vibration, Very Low Frequency, Microcontroller, Measurement Uncertainty

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