Nanometrology, Optics and Laser-Based Measurements, Development of Measurement Standard, Measurement for Industrial Purposes, Measurement System Control Automation, Metrology in Chemistry

Journal History

Instrumentasi was first launched in 1975 marked by its very first publication volume 1 number 1 in September. The first editor-in-chief was the late Dr. Liem Han Gie. This semi-popular journal was published by the National Institute for Instrumentation (Lembaga Instrumentasi Nasional, now Research Center for Metrology or Pusat Penelitian Metrologi in Indonesian language) under the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia which is wellknown as LIPI). In 1977 starting volume 3 number 2, the journal was given the ISSN 0125-9202. Then under the late Mr Rachmad Mohamad as the editor-in-chief, Instrumentasi changed its paper size from B5 to A4. After a period of no publication along the year 1988 due to lack of fund, in April 1989 Instrumentasi has started visiting its readers again under the late Dr Farid Ruskanda as the editor-in-chief. The year 2006 is very important for Instrumentasi as it gains the accreditation status from LIPI with the certificate number 25/Akred-LIPI/P2MBI/09/2006 following accreditation from the Ministry of Education with accreditation certificate number 39/DIKTI/Kep/2004. Jimmy Pusaka has then taken place as the new editor-in-chief since 2014. In this period Instrumentasi succeeds to maintain its accreditation (certificate number 634/AU3/P2MI-LIPI/07/2015), and starts launching online version of the journal and obtains e-ISSN 2460-1462.